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Why Walk in Fear?

Part of the reason I got into the personal protection business is the belief that no one should ever have to walk the streets in fear for their life. I know what that terrible fear feels like. When I was a young boy, I had a lot of experiences in environments where there were bullies & gangs trying to hurt me. As I got older, I joined the military and got to see first hand, that real violence & true evil does exist in this world, and what it looks like up close. I’ve been restrained, & forced to only watch as people were taken advantage of & brutalized. Often times, they lost their lives. America, as a country, has always stood up for the weak. But as an individual I can help way more people by teaching them how to prot...  Read More

Choosing Your First Handgun

A handgun is NOT a weapon, it is merely a tool, “a tool designed to solve & prevent problems of an unfortunate nature, for which no other tool is suited” – Arron Cowan, Sage Dynamics. With that in mind, we should choose a handgun the same way we choose any other tool. What is the tool to be used for? Shooting. Ok, what kind of shooting? Hunting? Plinking? Competition? Defensive? Defensive. Ok, used how? Carry in a vehicle? On your person? Bedside table? You see? Different tools or configurations for different jobs. THEN we look at fit to the hand. It MUST be ergonomic & feel secure in the hand. THEN we look at weight & size. Physical arm & wrist strength of the person. THEN we look at caliber. What kind of recoil manage...  Read More

One in the chamber, yes or no?

 ne question we get a lot is about carrying with one in the chamber. Folks who have never had the benefit of regular, frequent or constant firearms training frequently choose to err on the side of caution, being deathly afraid of a negligent discharge, and carry firearms with an empty chamber. They feel the need to carry, but that the risk (of an ND) is greater than the likelihood they will ever have to use their firearm to protect their life. And that feeling can get you killed. While people can understand this feeling, it’s like thinking you will be able to put on your seatbelt right before a crash. You just won’t have the time. If you ever have to pull your gun, it’s because there is a threat to your life, right now. Every second co...  Read More